Dukkha: Embracing Discomfort

by Mark Atherton, E-RYT® 200

Dukkha | A Tool for Self Study

Dukkha is a fascinating word in the worlds of Yoga and Buddhism. It is often translated as ‘suffering’ which tends to sound rather pessimistic. Lama Surya Das translates Dukkha as “difficulties ” or “dissatisfaction” which is less harsh in tone and a fact of life to which all of us can relate.

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Meditation, Your Brain on Yoga

by Juan Villegas, E-RYT® 500

There is a scene in the movie Eat Pray Love where Liz sits in the beautiful meditation room at the Ashram. She closes her eyes to meditate and immediately thoughts about her house, job and life start stampeding through her head. Anyone new to this practice can empathize; those first few times we meditate can seem like a battle with our thoughts. Sitting in stillness is a skill we find challenging, but with simple regular practice with no expectation an entirely new world can open up. Positively effecting our asana practice, relationships and health.

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